MWD37 - On Giving Credit

Or why this is not an end of year wrap-up, best-of list or a gift guide

Because there is nothing not perfect about this story about a family and their growing love for the birds outside their window. Well, nothing not perfect, that is, except the deadly pandemic that has kept that family inside those windows for so much of the year. But still. We have the birds.

Because people with an unnatural interest in fonts are also completely hilarious: Hellvetica. (Related: that time my city became the first municipality to have an official font, and it is objectively terrible).

Because I have loved Deb Perelman since the early days of Smitten Kitchen, and in this interview, she explains why she gives credit, and it is perfect. My adaptation of her slow-cooker black beans (from her first cookbook) is a go-to family gift this year.

Because giving credit is important. All three of the above links were also on Laura Olin’s newsletter this week, which I love. Full disclosure: I already had the bird one ready to go, but she brought the other two to my attention.

Because giving credit is just another way to Show Your Work, and the trio of Austin Kleon’s books would make an excellent gift for the creative in your life.

Because open source is a really important way to increase access and - in this case - save lives, and this overview of how the COVID vaccine was developed in a day proves that not profiting off your knowledge is NOT the same as not getting credit for it.

Because I’m already overwhelmed by all the lists and tweets and end-of-year newsletters. Because if I’m hitting delete without reading, you probably are too. Because I’d rather be reading.