Why Midweek Dinner?

Let's start with the obvious: why is a book reviewer and writer's newsletter called Midweek Dinner? To understand, it might work best to go back to where it started. Here is the initial post where the idea was born. There have been some changes along the way, but you get the gist.

So, is this newsletter about food? Well, I love food, but I also love a good metaphor. While I know we're all just making it up as we go along, there are definitely those out there in the world who seem to have themselves figured out. They are, you might say, ready to launch. I am not. There are no MREs in my pantry. It's all slightly wilted onions, wrinkled zucchini, a healthy dose of butter, and some improvisation over here. Like scrabbling in the back of the fridge to figure out what you want to eat, I write to figure out what I think. And I think about a lot of different things.

So, you can count on bookish stuff, but you never know what other aspects of culture and society might make their way into the conversation. You may not always agree; in fact, I rather hope you don't. Dissenters welcome here. Trolls, however, shall be banished.

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